3D Viewer

The viewer shows the whole building and floors in 3D and provides UI/UX customization by optimizing for all desirable devices such as Smartphone, Web, and Kiosk.


Route Finder

Provides algorithm for the shortest possible time, distance, and multi-destination in addition to recommending and searching for diverse paths with various other functions.



Indoor Positioning System enables various services based on real-time positioning of the user by detecting signals from beacons, Wi-Fi, and UWBs installed indoors.


3D Map Tool

Converts flat 2D image to 3D Map data and enables arranging of POI, 3D Objects, and Texts at desirable places to customize the data to optimize for every applicable service industries.



Basically we provide SDK and Authentication Key free of charge for holding up to 10 users. For more users, different solution price policy will be applied, while price for 3D map Tool is set by the size of applying spaces. For detailed policy, estimate, or promotional discount, please  Contact Us >

Package Price per users (OS Calculated separately)  (Unit:USD)
1~10 11~500 501~5000 More than 5000
Mcube Basic
(3D Viewer)
Free 1,000$ 10,000$ 100,000$
Mcube Advanced
(3D Viewer + Route Finder)
Free 2,000$ 20,000$ 200,000$
Mcube Ultimate
(3D Viewer + Route Finder + IPS)
Free 3,000$ 30,000$ 300,000$
3D Map Tool 200$ per 100㎡ 3D Map

For using Import Function at 3D Map tool which creates 3D map from 2D image (ex. CAD)
(only provided at Paid Interval)

Opening promotional discount is offered! (For 2016 only/discount rate to be discussed)